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ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit

ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit

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ELXR® is the Pioneer of DNA-Based Sports Training System in Asia. We help people develop workouts according to their genotype and current fitness level, using the largest genetics database of Asians in the world.

Studies show that both genetics and optimised training play a part in determining the different types and amounts of muscle fibres that are produced in our bodies. Type 2 (Fast Twitch Fibres) fires up for quick and powerful bursts of energy, while Type 1 (Slow Twitch Fibres) contracts more slowly, producing less power but are able to sustain for longer periods.

ACTN-3 is one of the most researched genes pivotal to training response, recovery and injury risk. It encodes for α-actinin-3, a special protein expressed only in fast twich fibres and commonly associated with speed, power and strength in athletes. 

Using ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit, we analyse the ACTN-3 gene in your body to assess which of the following 3 groups you belong to:

Power, Balance, or Endurance.

A daily personalized fitness program is delivered to you via the ELXR® app, providing insights into what makes you achieve your fitness goals faster!



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